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Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela – South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid activist, has died at age of 95 after health complications related to a lung infection. He died shortly before 21:00 (local time) and will receive a full state funeral that will likely to take place in Pretoria next Saturday. With Madiba’s death the world has […]

Valuable South African Coins List

There are many bullion South African coins that are popular among collectors and investors. They range from old South African coins that have great collectors value besides their bullion value, to modern bullion coin series such as Natura or Protea series, special edition Mandela coins or primarily investment coins  such as popular Krugerrands. Modern bullion South African […]

South African Coins Among 2013 Coin of the Year Winners

South African 50 Rand Gold Coin Wins The Best Gold Coin Award At the end of 2012 Krause Publications announced 2013 Coin of the year winners that were chosen among ninety-nine nominated coins issued in 2011 by the mints and national banks around the globe. Judges evaluated the theme, design and achievements in marketing. In […]

Testing Authenticity of South African Coins: Visual Identification

Test authenticity of Krugerrands and other South African coins – Part 2 Visual identification is an easy method that will help you test authenticity of your South African coins using some simple tools. Advantages of this method are that you can use it anywhere and will not take a lot of your time.  To visually […]

Testing Authenticity Of Gold And Silver South African Coins

Test authenticity of Krugerrands and other South African coins – Part 1 Have you ever wondered how to test authenticity of Krugerrand coins and other bullion South African coins? Due to the recent affair regarding Krugerrand coins and different counterfeits appearing on the market, collectors may have become more cautious when buying bullion South African […]

Video: Advice About Collecting, Buying and Grading Gold Coins

  Watch the following video in which a long term collector and investor in gold coins shares his experience with collecting gold coins such as South African coins (ex. Krugerrand coins) and other gold coins. He explains his views on collecting gold coins, presents examples of gold bullion, certified and uncertified coins and gives advice about grading […]

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