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Valuable South African Coins List – Infographic

This infographic features short and concise presentation of South African Coins for collectors and investors. This valuable South African coins list includes basic descriptions of the most popular modern bullion coins – both silver and gold coins: Krugerrands – popular 22 carat gold coins, primarily designed for investors Natura series – award winning 24 carat gold […]

South African Coins Price Charts – Krugerrands & South African Rand

South African coins price charts are indispensable for investors in valuable South African coins. Visit the page South African coins price charts on this website to follow the value of: Krugerrands South African Rand. The price charts will help you decide when it is time to invest into valuable South African coins and when it is […]

Facts About Gold Krugerrands

Krugerrands are one of the most popular investment gold coins and the most popular South African coins. These 22-carat gold coins have an interesting history and are known as the first bullion legal tender coins. Here are several interesting facts about gold Krugerrands that will turn you into an expert and which you can use to […]

Valuable South African Coins List

There are many bullion South African coins that are popular among collectors and investors. They range from old South African coins that have great collectors value besides their bullion value, to modern bullion coin series such as Natura or Protea series, special edition Mandela coins or primarily investment coins  such as popular Krugerrands. Modern bullion South African […]

Testing Authenticity Of Gold And Silver South African Coins

Test authenticity of Krugerrands and other South African coins – Part 1 Have you ever wondered how to test authenticity of Krugerrand coins and other bullion South African coins? Due to the recent affair regarding Krugerrand coins and different counterfeits appearing on the market, collectors may have become more cautious when buying bullion South African […]

Some Proof Krugerrand Coins Produced In 2011 Found Short On Gold

Some of the proof Krugerrand coins minted in April and May 2011 have been found to be under-spec, meaning they contain less than the amount of gold they were supposed to contain. Krugerrand coins in question were not underweight, but as mentioned under-spec, which makes harder for coin dealers and collectors to detect that they […]

Krugerrand Value

Krugerrand coins are basically investment coins that were introduced with intention to promote South African gold. Krugerrand value is therefore closely linked to the value of gold that fluctuates frequently and has been growing for the last decade. Krugerrand value reflects the gold price that is increased for a low premium over the value of contained […]


  Kruggerand coins (known also as Krugerrands or Krugers) are legal tender 22 carat gold South African coins that are popular not only in South Africa, but worldwide. They were first bullion legal tender coins and were model for other one ounce gold coins. Krugerrands are also known as the most circulated gold bullion coins […]

Collectible South African Coins

  Coin collecting is an interesting hobby. Furthermore, it is also an investment that will increase in value over time. Some of the most interesting coins that are cherished among collectors around the world are South African coins. History of South African coins began in 19th century with so called Cape Guilders (also Ship Guilders). After that […]

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