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Growing Demand for Mandela Coins

Mandela coins have always been among the most popular South African coins. But demand for Mandela coins, medallions and memorabilia on the largest South African auction website BidOrBuy has been rising in the last months. They have become some of the most popular items on the site. Recent Events Boosting the Sales of Mandela Coins […]

Valuable South African Coins List – Infographic

This infographic features short and concise presentation of South African Coins for collectors and investors. This valuable South African coins list includes basic descriptions of the most popular modern bullion coins – both silver and gold coins: Krugerrands – popular 22 carat gold coins, primarily designed for investors Natura series – award winning 24 carat gold […]

Valuable South African Coins List

There are many bullion South African coins that are popular among collectors and investors. They range from old South African coins that have great collectors value besides their bullion value, to modern bullion coin series such as Natura or Protea series, special edition Mandela coins or primarily investment coins  such as popular Krugerrands. Modern bullion South African […]

Rare Mandela Coins and Medallions: Nobel Laureates and Nobel Protea Coins

  Mandela coins are among the most appealing South African coins. They portray Nelson Mandela – former South African president, anti-apartheid activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Nobel Laureates medallions minted by the Mint of Norway and Nobel Protea coins minted by the South African Mint, commemorate Nobel Prize winners – Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem […]

Rare Mandela Coins and Medallions: Robben Island

Robben Island Mandela medallions were minted in 2009 by the Mint of Norway to commemorate the time that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on the island. Former South African president was incarcerated on the Robben Island for 18 years, from 1964 to 1982, with many other political freedom fighters. Robben Island is today also known as UNESCO […]

List of Rare Mandela Coins and Medallions: 1994 – 2004

Mandela Coins are one of the most appealing South African coins besides Krugerrands. They are honoring Nelson Mandela, former South African president and anti-apartheid activist. They are popular because of their rarity and Mandela’s global appeal. Rare Mandela coins are great collector items and excellent investments that are continuously growing in value. The first part of the list […]

Mandela Coins

Mandela coins are one of the most profitable coins in the world. They are available in many different shapes and sizes- as bronze, silver, platinum or gold coins, some are commemorative medallions with very low mintages while others are legal tender coins with millions of pieces available. What all Mandela coins have in common is the image […]

Collectible South African Coins

  Coin collecting is an interesting hobby. Furthermore, it is also an investment that will increase in value over time. Some of the most interesting coins that are cherished among collectors around the world are South African coins. History of South African coins began in 19th century with so called Cape Guilders (also Ship Guilders). After that […]

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