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Testing Authenticity of South African Coins: Weight Combined with Diameter and Thickness Measurements

Test authenticity of Krugerrands and other South African coins – Part 3

Besides visual identification there are other fast and reliable methods for testing authenticity of South African coins. Weight measurement combined with diameter and thickness measurements is an easy method that requires only some simple tools.

These methods are pretty reliable, fast and can be done anywhere if you have proper tools with you.

Weighing South African Coins

For precise weight measurement you will need:

  • precision scale – if possible accurate to 1/100 of a gram.

Counterfeit South African coins are made of cheaper metals that have different densities than gold and therefore also different weight. Weight your coin and compare the result with corresponding weight for this coin in a numismatic catalog.

If your coin weights more than 1% more or less than it should (taking into account a level of wear) you may be dealing with a counterfeit.

south african coins digital scale

Measuring Diameter and Thickness of South African Coins

If you want to get precise diameter and thickness measurements of your South African coins, you will need:

  • precise caliper – if possible digital one.

If counterfeit South African coin has the right weight than diameter and  even more often the thickness will not match the authentic coin. Measure diameter and thickness of your South African coins from different angles and compare the results to corresponding measurements in the numismatic catalog.

If they don’t match (taking into account a level of wear), you may be dealing with a counterfeit South African coins.

south african coins caliper

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