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South African Coins Among 2013 Coin of the Year Winners

South African 50 Rand Gold Coin Wins The Best Gold Coin Award

At the end of 2012 Krause Publications announced 2013 Coin of the year winners that were chosen among ninety-nine nominated coins issued in 2011 by the mints and national banks around the globe. Judges evaluated the theme, design and achievements in marketing.

In the category of the Best Gold coin award was granted to the South African Mint for a beautiful 50 Rand gold coin. This lovely ½ oz gold coin is a part of the 2011 Natura Series of coins with Nature’s families theme and depicts the popular Meerkat Family motive. The obverse of the coin depicts a meerkat family in their typical watchful stance with the desert’s horizon in the background. The reverse of the R50 gold South African coin depicts a single meetkat sentry on duty.

South african coins - 2011 natura coin, r 50 gold coin

Specifications of South African Coins - 2011 Natura Coins:

Face ValueSize MassDiameterMetal ContentReverse Die-SinkerObverse Die-SinkerReverse and Obverse ArtistMintage
100 Rand1 oz31.107 g32.69 mmAu 999.9MJ ScheepersMJ ScheepersN van Niekerk1500
50 Rand1/2 oz15.553 g27.00 mmAu 999.9C MosesMJ ScheepersN van Niekerk1500
20 Rand1/4 oz7.777 g22.00 mmAu 999.9MD MothobelaMJ ScheepersN van Niekerk3000
10 Rand1/10 oz3.110 g16.50 mmAu 999.9VL ChipaMJ ScheepersN van Niekerk3000
Natura Prestige Set1000

Source: SA Mint

South African Natura 50 Rand gold coin had a tough competition to beat in the Best Gold Coin category:

1. Austria – 50 Euro, Gold, Joanneum Museum (KM# 3202)
2. Australia – Perth Mint – 25 Dollars, Gold, Square Platypus Dreaming (KM# 1611)
3. Fiji – One Ounce Bullion, Gold, Beach Scene (KM# 215)
4. Israel – One Ounce Bullion, Gold, Lion and Western Wall (KM# 491)
5. Slovakia – 100 Euro, Prince Pribina Nitra (KM# 119)
6. South Africa – 50 Rand, Gold, Meercats (KM# 511)
7. Canada – 200 Dollars, Gold, Canada, Mountee on Horseback (KM# 1165)
8. Czech Republic – 5,000 Korun, Gold, Stribro Bridge (KM# 125)
9. Vatican City – 50 Euro, Gold, Crucifixion of Saint Peter (KM# 432)
10. France – 50 Euro, Gold, TGV Express Train (KM# 1817)


Other 2013 Coin of the Year winners are:

  1. Most Historically Significant coin – National Bank of Kyrgyzstan – 10 Som silver coin with Silk Road motive (KM# 48)
  2. Best Contemporary Event coin – Austrian Mint – 25 Euro silver and niobium bi-metallic coin with Mars Rover motive (KM# 3204)
  3. Best Silver coin – Royal Canadian Mint – 20 Dollar silver coin featuring canoe in the water (KM# 1176)
  4. Best Crown coin – France, Monnaie de Paris – 10 Euro silver coin from the series “From Clovis to Republic – 1500 Years of French History”, featuring King Charlemagne (KM# 1802)
  5. Best Trade coin – National Bank of Lithuania – 1 Litas copper-nickel coin featuring basketball (KM# 177)
  6. Most Popular coin – National Bank of Mongolia – 500 Tugrik silver coin featuring on owl with crystal eyes (KM# 309)
  7. The Most Artistic coin – National Bank of Latvia – 1 Lats silver coin shaped as a square, honoring the artist Alexandrs Caks (KM# 120)
  8. The Most Innovative coin – Netherlands, Royal Dutch Mint – 5 Euro silver coin honoring 100th anniversary of the Mint. On the reverse it features QR code that leads you to the website with additional information when scanned with a smart phone (first time engraved on a coin). (KM# 302)
  9. The Most Inspirational coin – Mint of Poland – 10 Zlotych silver coin celebrating 100th anniversary of the Society for the Protection of the Blind (Y# 796)

Overall Coin of the Year winner: Royal Dutch Mint – 5 Euro silver coin (also winner in the Most Innovative coin category)

About Krause Publications Coin of the Year Awards

Krause Publications Coin of the Year awards is the annual competition, organized by the leading publisher of coin collecting magazines, books, catalogs and other products. Since 1984 it honors the best coins released worldwide every year. Mints, collectors and experts nominate coins in 10 categories:

  1. Most Historically Significant coin
  2. Best Contemporary Event coin
  3. Best Gold coin
  4. Best Silver coin
  5. Best Crown coin
  6. Best Trade coin
  7. Most Popular coin
  8. Most Artistic coin
  9. Most Innovative coin
  10. Most Inspirational coin

The best coins in each category are selected by around 100 mint officials, coin dealers, museum officials, artists and other experts by voting. From all the category winners the best overall coin of the year is chosen.

To learn more about Krause Publications and Coin of the Year event watch the following video:


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