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Growing Demand for Mandela Coins

Mandela coins have always been among the most popular South African coins. But demand for Mandela coins, medallions and memorabilia on the largest South African auction website BidOrBuy has been rising in the last months. They have become some of the most popular items on the site.

Recent Events Boosting the Sales of Mandela Coins

Reason for increasing demand for Mandela coins are most likely recent events related to Nelson Mandela. At the beginning of June he was admitted to the hospital because of health complications. Since then, they have noticed a rising demand for Mandela coins, medallions and memorabilia. The whole nation is praying for the father of a nation, humanitarian and anti-apartheid icon that is well respected not only in South Africa, but around the world.

Recently the CNN has published an update, claiming that Madiba’s health is improving. You can read more about if you click here.

Mandela Coins – the Fifth Most Popular Search Term on BidOrBuy

The search term »Mandela coins« has become the fifth most popular search term on the BidOrBuy. Around 550 Mandela coins and memorabilia was sold on the site in the first week of July only.

On BidOrBuy you can find a wide selection of different South African coins, including Krugerrands and different Mandela coins. The visitor can browse through the numerous offers including the R5 circulation Mandela coins, the 1994 presidential inauguration Mandela coins, the 2000 smiling Mandela coins and coins related to Nelson Mandela.

Some of the most popular Mandela coins on the website these days are:

  • Nelson Mandela centenary 1 kg gold medallion – sold for R640.000;
  • Mandela centenary 155.5 g gold medallion – sold for R95.100;
  • Mandela centenary 1 kg silver medallion – sold for R 12.000;
  • R5 Mandela proof coin with an inauguration VIP folder signed by Nelson Mandela – sold for R350.000.

Demand for other Mandela memorabilia has also increased. Signed photo of Nelson Mandela looking out from his Robben Island prison cell has been available for R85.000, biography Higher Than Hope signed by Nelson Mandela has been offered for R15.000 and a Football World Cup ball signed by Mandela and Lucas Radebe has been selling for R25.000.

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Buying South African Coins & Mandela Coins Online

You can find great offers for Mandela coins, Krugerrands and other South African coins on BidOrBuy, eBay, websites of online coin dealers and other sites such as CraigsList or Amazon. We will write about how to safely buy South African coins online in one of following articles.


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