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Mandela coins are one of the most profitable coins in the world. They are available in many different shapes and sizes- as bronze, silver, platinum or gold coins, some are commemorative medallions with very low mintages while others are legal tender coins with millions of pieces available. What all Mandela coins have in common is the image of Nelson Mandela – former South African president, anti-apartheid activist and one of the most respected people alive – printed on them.

Mandela coins are popular because of their rarity as well due to Mandela’s global appeal. Besides that, they generate a great deal of interest in the world of coins because of their continuously growing values, that have skyrocketed and exceeded all expectations. In thissense rare Mandela coins are a phenomenon in the world of rare coins and are still gaining popularity. Here are some of the Mandela coins available:

First South African coins that Nelson Mandela’s image appeared on was the Inauguration R5coin issued in 1994, when Mandela became South African president. It is an one ounce 24 carat gold coin with limited proof mintage and rising value.

On 18 July 2008 coins honoring Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday were issued. Some of these Mandela 90th Birthday coins (also called Madiba R5) are legal tender coins with mintage of five million. They are bimetallic coins with Nelson Mandela’s image, inscriptions 90 years and 5 Rand on one side and a motive of South African coat of arms, issuing year and Suid Africa, Afrika Borwa imprinted on the other side. Many of these coins have been removed from circulation and are now available online as collector items. There are also rare 90th Birthday Mandela coins such as 1 oz, 2 oz and 1/2 kg gold medallions, 1 oz silver medallion, 1/2 oz and 1/10 oz platinum medallions available.

Birthday Mandela Coin

In 2007 Nelson Mandela appeared on 1 oz gold Mandela/de Klerk Protea coin together with another Nobel Peace Prize winner awarded in 1993 – Frederik Willem de Klerk. There is also 1/10 oz gold Mandela Nobel medallion that depicts Mandela’s image only available. Some of the Mandela/de Klerk coins such as 1 oz gold, 1 oz silver medallions and a special 1 oz Mandela Nobel silver medallion with Mandela’s image only, come from the Mint of Norway as well.

Another collection of Mandela coins is known as Mandela Robben Island coins. They are minted by the Mint of Norway and they portray image of Nelson Mandela on one side and Table Mountain overlooking Robben Island (where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years) with dates 1964 – 1982 imprinted on the other side. There are 1 oz and 1 kg pure silver medallions and 1/2 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz and 1 kg gold medallions available.

Besides these, there are other Mandela coins such as 10th anniversary of South African democracy Mandela coin (24 carat gold coins, released in 2004), Mandela 20th year anniversary of his release from prison medallion (1/2 oz gold coin released in 2010), Mandela Mint Mark (1/2 oz gold coin, released in 2010), Mandela coins from Rwanda and others.

Mandela coins are also available in sets such as Prestige set that consists of all the R5 Mandela coins and Standard set that consists of 10 uncirculated Mandela coins. Both sets are rare and have a great profit potential. There are also sets such as 2008 Commemorative R5 set, Prestige Nobel Set and the 90th Birthday set available on the market.

 Some of the Mandela coins are the most fastest growing rare coins in the history with values that have been rising for years. Great example is rare Mandela R5 Proof coin that has increased in value by about 4 million percent in only 7 years. This is almost unbelievable phenomenon unseen in the history of coin collecting and investing. Nevertheless experts think that this trend is not over yet since market of Mandela coins is young and has a lot of potential for further development and growth. That is why rare Mandela coins are not only great collector items but also exceptional investment opportunity– maybe even one of the best available.


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