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Natura Series was introduced by the South African Mint in 1994 as the first South African fine gold coin series. Natura coins are beautifull 24 carat gold collector South African coins produced in limited mintages every year. They depict different motives inspired by the African animals, that change anually. Natura coins are available in four different sizes as 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce gold coins and in sets compiled of all four sized coins. 


Specifications of Natura Coins

SizeFace Value*Diameter [mm]Weight [g]Metal Content [Au]Gold Content [g]
1 oz100 Rand32.6931.107999.931.104
1/2 oz50 Rand27.0015.553999.915.552
1/4 oz20 Rand22.007.777999.97.776
1/10 oz10 Rand16.503.110999.93.110
* Face value was added to Natura coins' design in 2002.


Design of Natura coins changes every year based on the overall theme. First five annual designs are known as the Big Five, in 1999 Monarchs of Africa overall theme was introduced, followed by the Wild Cats of Africa theme introduced in 2002 and the Giants of Africa theme commenced in 2005. In 2009 theme called Safari Trough South Africa, that depicts the White Rhinoceros (2009) – endangered species successfully saved from extinction with a help of the project called Save the Rhino, and Black Rhinoceros (2010) – the species that is still critically endangered, was introduced. The last theme called Animal Families was commenced in this year.



2003 Natura Coin Set – Lion


Themes of Natura Coins

Prestige Proof SetsProof Sets1 oz Gold Coin1/2 oz Gold Coin1/4 oz Gold Coin1/10 oz Gold Coin
1994Lion1681750984 + 755*The Big Five
1995Rhino89926785 + 350*
1996Elephant36816772427 + 300*
1997Buffalo5001015957 + 220*
1998Leopard50011792946 + 300*
1999Kudu5091046590 + 247*Monarchs of Africa
2000Sable483344687 + 591*
2001Oryx6919851118 + 491*
2002Cheetah698529641 + 496*Wild Cats of Africa
2003Lion698908430 + 498*
2004Caracal700440265 + 500*
2005Hippo686338368 + 468*Giants of Africa
2009White Rhinoceros1000Safari Through South Africa
2010Black Rhinoceros1000
2011Meerkat10001500150030003000Animal Families
2012African Painted Wolf10001500150030003000
* Mintmarks. ** Approximate mintages.; List of mintages will be completed with time.; Source of mintages:, SA Mint

South African Mint issues Natura coins anually. You can buy them from different coin dealers or online on websites such as Amazon, Ebay and BidOrBuy.

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