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R1 gold coins are South African coins that were re-introduced in 1997 as collectible coin series portraying the cultural diversity in South Africa. The first R1 gold coins were released when South Africa became a Republic in 1961. They were issued as currency 22 carat gold coins. They were minted until 1983 and were re-introduced in 1997 as proof quality commemorative coins.

Specifications of R1 Gold Coins

Size1/10 ounce
Mass3.110 gram
Diameter16.50 mm
Metal ContentAu 999.9

Today R1 coins are minted as 1/10 ounce 24 carat gold coins. The first – 1997 theme of the R1 gold coins featured The first heart transplant. In 1998 the Cultural Series portraying all the major cultures in South Africa was introduced. The first – 1998 cultural R1 gold coins depict the San Culture also known as The lost generation, beautiful people or Bushman. On obverse they portray the South African Coat of Arms and different South African cultures on reverse side. Their design changes every year. Each coin has a Certificate of Authenticity that describes the coin’s specifications, year, limited edition and contains a short description of the product.

These beautiful cultural South African coins are issued by the South African Mint in limited mintages of only 1000 gold coins per year. They are designed for national and international coin markets and are not only great collectible coins, but also good investments.

Themes of R1 Gold Coins

1997The First Heart Transplant
1998The San People
1999The Zulu Culture
2000The Xhosa Culture
2001The Sotho Culture
2002The Tswana People
2003The Tsonga People
2004The Venda People
2005The Ndebele People
2006The emaSwati People
2007The Afrikaaner People
2009The Northern Sotho (Bapedi) People
2011The African Honey Bee2000South African Pollinators
2012The African Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Chrysippus)2000
List of mintages will be completed with time.

* From 2008 until 2010, the R1 gold coins were also part of the FIFA World Cup Series.


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  1. 1
    Jacomien Diederiks Says:

    I have a R1 SA coin but on the coin the one is first then the R (1R)(1966) on the sides of the code of arms

    do you think is worth something

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Hi Jacomien,
    You can read more about the coin you are mentioning on -

    I recommend you to take it to a coin dealer that will examine it and give you an estimation of its value.

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