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Valuable South African Coins List – Infographic

This infographic features short and concise presentation of South African Coins for collectors and investors. This valuable South African coins list includes basic descriptions of the most popular modern bullion coins – both silver and gold coins:

  • Krugerrands – popular 22 carat gold coins, primarily designed for investors
  • Natura series – award winning 24 carat gold coins with motives of South African wildlife
  • Protea series – beautiful 24 carat gold coins and sterling silver coins with social motives
  • Mandela coins – popular Mandela coins that portray irreplaceable South African hero and humanitarian Nelson Mandela
  • R1 and R2 gold coins – beautiful 24 carat gold coins that portray different motives
  • R1 Crown & 2 1/2 c Tickey – sterling silver coins that were re-introduced in 1997
  • Silver Coin Series – sterling silver coins that portray South African nature.

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Valuable South African Coins List

Valuable South African Coins List


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    tebogo Says:

    the 2008 Mandela coin,how much does it worth plus i do have some coin that i also want to know how much are they worth: 20cenct-1986

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